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As an independent broker with clients from coast to coast, I have access to all of the biggest 1031 exchange DST sponsors.  Because of my independent status,  I am  neither obligated nor influenced to work with any one company.  In getting to know my prospective client, I simply help them determine which company and which replacement property best suits them. The client can then move forward knowing that they have purchased a replacement property that fits their objectives. Below are some of the things I can help a client with when purchasing DST replacement properties through me:
*Defer any state and federal capital gains taxes that are due as well as any recapture of depreciation and any possible net investment taxes that may be due (3.8%)** .
*Eliminate  any future management responsibilities-In the DST format, professional management of properties is included in the transaction.
*Supply replacement properties that are either debt free or have leverage on them to match up with an investor's needs.
* Allow an investor to buy a fractional interest in a larger institutional type property that might not be available to them if they are buying their own replacement property.
*Provide a last minute option for someone whose purchase of a their own replacement property falls through near the end of their 45 day naming period.
*Better diversify their investment portfolio from a single investment property into multiple properties thereby helping de-risk their portfolio especially if the relinquished property makes up a large portion of their net worth. 
Lastly, I can work with clients that need help completing their own 1031 exchange. If a client has found their own replacement property, but the value of that replacement property doesn’t at least match or exceed the sales price of the relinquished property, the client could potentially owe taxes on that exposed portion of the transaction. The DST may be used to cover that exposed portion of the original sale price, thereby deferring all taxes. Example......An investor sells their investment property for 700k but their replacement property is only worth 600k. They would be obligated to pay taxes on that exposed 100k. Their solution is to buy a 100k interest in a DST property to cover that exposed 100k and fully defer all taxes.
Let me help you find a replacement property and eliminate your stressful management responsibilities so that you can spend time on things that you enjoy. 863-944-2455
** IRS Code Section 1411