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Each person is an individual and one investment strategy does not fit all even if age, net worth, and income are all identical.  There is an optimal blend of risk, reward, and cost that I strive to find for each individual or couple.

My goal with each client is to provide them with an individualized investment strategy that provides maximum benefit combined with lower risk and lower cost.  I often find that investors are taking excessive and unnecessary risk in exchange for a less than acceptable return combined with an inflated cost.  Or, they currently own investments that may be considered suitable for them based on income, age, and net worth but do not correlate with what the client actually needs or desires from that investment.  Before I ever speak about a specific investment strategy with a new client, I work with them to determine what is important to them.

The investment options I am able to provide my clients include stocks, bonds, ETF's (exchange traded funds), mutual funds, annuities, private placements, managed money, alternative investments such as REIT's (Real Estate Investment Trusts), leasing programs and oil & gas programs.

I have been a Registered Representative since 1993 and a Registered Principal since 2003, In addition to the Series 7 and 24, I recently acquired the Series 3 and Series 34.  I also am Series 53, 65, and 63 registered.